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My Coaching Philosophy

Welcome to Brett Cauchi Basketball!

To start things off, I wanted to show you who I am committed to showing up as daily. I challenge you to write your own philosophy and define who you commit to showing up as each day.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Who am I committed to being?

2) What will I do for others each day?

3) What is important to me?

4) What are my core values?

If you create one on your own share it with me on Instagram at @BrettCauchi_bball

Here is mine:

Coaching Philosophy

I aspire to inspire. I am committed to shaping the lives of those that I am associated with. I make life facile for those around me. I do the ONE thing that is necessary so that all other tasks are easier or even unnecessary. I hold my athletes to a ridiculously high standard, stretching them outside their comfort zone daily, all the while showing love and grace in all my actions. On court, athletes receive my absolute best coaching because their growth is the pinnacle of my attentiveness. Off court, athletes have my promise to give them the tools to be successful in life after basketball. When I teach an athlete how to better themselves outside of basketball, I have done what I deem is paramount in my life- which is to teach. I am here to better the future one athlete at a time. I commit to mindfulness, both to myself and my athletes. I am present. I strive to be organized in order to support my commitment to hustle along with demonstrating my calm, cool, and collected leadership.

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